The 3 Man Weave is back with the re-re-return of Fab!  Fab, Hein, and Hambone talk a bunch of off-season news and answer some burning questions.  Will Howard work in Houston?  Can The Lakers sign Lebron in a few years?  They also talk about who the top players in the league are and which teams have a chance to make a run next year.  A show packed with some great basketball talk so listen below or subscribe to hurrah zone on itunes to listen.







The MANCAST is finally back with over an hour of ridiculousness.  In this jam packed episode we discuss Big Brother, Casual Racism, Robin Thicke, Friend of the show ED has his bachelor weekend, and we debut a new segment where we answer Twitter questions from our listeners.  This is a great show so check it out below, subscribe on itunes, and send us your tweets!!!


The 3 Man Weave podcast is back with a special Free Agency special.  Hein and Hambone talk about some of the big moves and potential moves including where Dwight Howard will go and where does he fit in, The Andrea Bargnani/Knicks deal and how it will effect both teams, how the nets are looking next year and some Heat/Spurs game 7 thoughts that Hein has been thinking about since his vacation.  A great and informative episode so check it out below or search hurrah zone on itunes and download it.


The 3 Man Weave is back with the return of Fab!  Fab is back from parts unknown and rejoins Hein and Hambone for a giant Spurs/Heat game 4 preview.  In this episode they talk in depth about the series, they discuss all the Heat’s problems and the few things they’re doing right, Why the Heat are missing Shane Battier, some alarming stats about Dwayne Wade, the advantages the Spurs have over the Heat and more.  Plus, the boys start the show off with some Game of Thrones talk, a great show as always so listen below or search hurrahzone on itunes to subscribe.


There are a lot of people up in arms about the upcoming Microsoft gaming console, the Xbox One.  Most of the complaints of the new system come from Microsoft’s new policies on  online connectivity and the trading/selling of used games.  Before I go deeper into the issue, I’d like to point out that at first I was very up in arms about these policies and was actually thinking of not purchasing an xbox even though I’ve been more than happy with the last two MS consoles.  After having a few informed discussions and getting so facts straight, is the new Xbox One really THAT bad?

People think this is the end of gaming.

People think this is the end of gaming.

Let’s start with the Xbox One Console reveal press event which, I myself, was heavily critical of.    A lot of people (ie gamers) were upset with the event because the main focus was on Xbox One as an entertainment device that can allow you to do things such as watch live TV, Skype with your friends during games, watch blu-rays as opposed to a focus on the games.  In hindsight this is not nearly as bad as people are making it out to be because Microsoft’s strategy makes sense.  There were a ton of websites and mainstream media outlets covering the event and most of those people want to know what the console can do from an entertainment standpoint.  This leads to the common argument of upset gamers that the Xbox One “isn’t a gaming console”, which is pretty far-fetched.  Microsoft was waiting for E3, a gaming showcase event, to show off the games for the new system and they didn’t fail to disappoint.  The new Xbox system has almost all the same titles that will be coming to the PS4, (including Kingdom Hearts 3 and the new Metal Gear game) plus some amazing looking exclusive titles like TitanFall, Ryse, Quantum Break, Dead Rising 3, and of course Halo.  So in what way does this make The Xbox One, “not a gaming console”?  Just because a console can do other things besides gaming does not mean the games will suck.  My laptop can do a million different things and that doesn’t mean that PC games are shit, so this argument to me is invalid.

Now onto these new policies that Microsoft is implementing with their new console concerning online activity and the trading and selling of used games.  The Xbox One will essentially have to be “always online”, which in simple terms mean that you will have to have a constant internet connection to play most games.  Some games will allow you to play offline for up to 24 hours but if you are not connected to the internet you won’t be allowed access after that.  This is being done for two major reasons: 1) Microsoft wants to be able to authenticate your games to cut down on piracy and 2) Microsoft will be using cloud servers for most of their games.  The second reason is way more important then people think and I’m going to try and explain it as easy as I can.  Cloud computing has been around forever and has become a recent buzz word among people in the tech industry.  Basically, Microsoft is making a giant server that can store information for both the users of the xbox and the developers.  This is actually what makes the Xbox One so intriguing because the space of the cloud server and its processing power is only limited to how big Microsoft wants it to be.  Essentially this means that developers can use the server to store parts of their games on, instead of using your hard drive or the RAM in the system.  It’s like installing the game to your hard drive except that the hard drive is basically infinte.

From what I see the Xbox One is making internet connection mandatory because it wants developers to use its servers to the best of their abilities to make the best possible content you can get.  If a developer using the cloud server to store some of the game information and your xbox isn’t connected to the internet then you’d be playing an incomplete version of the game.  They are trying to use servers as a way to give people the best possible experience they can, which PC games have been doing for some time now.  I’d like to also point out that people complaining online about this issue obviously have a connection to the internet so I’m not sure what the big uproar is about.

Microsoft is also restricting the trading in or selling of games but only if the developer of the game chooses to do so.  This is more of a third party issue as some third party developers lose a ton of money on used game sales and need something in order for them to stay afloat.  What people don’t realize is that this program with be optional so if you have an issue not being able to trade in your games it is because of the developer and not Microsoft.

Overall, I was skeptical when the system was first announced and the rumours came pouring out but after looking at some of the facts and looking at the games at E3, including all the amazing looking exclusive titles I think Microsoft will be just fine.  Tons of people on the internet want to over react to things that shouldn’t matter that much in the long run of things.  Despite the bad rep Microsoft is getting for all this stuff, the games will still look good, Xbox Live will still be the standard for online gaming and when games like TitanFall or Dead Rising 3 come out people will want an Xbox One.

Stop freaking out and enjoy the next couple of years because you should all be excited for the future of gaming.

– Josh

Hambone and Hein are back to talk all the in’s and out’s of the heat/pacers game 7 tonight.  They also go off the cuff and discuss new dating app Tinder and there various batting averages.  A very in depth and hilarious episode that is jammed packed with almost an hour of content.  Check it out below and subscribe on itunes.




Since I am a hardcore gamer and the site needed some fresh, new content, I thought it would be fun to do a blog about the Xbox press event today.  For those of you who don’t know, Microsoft is announcing the new xbox today and doing it in spectacular fashion, broadcasting it via xbox live, various sites online, and on spike TV.  I will be watching live on Spike and these are my free flowing thoughts on what I’ll be seeing.

–  I’ve decided to watch the event on Spike rather than stream it on my Xbox.  They have a countdown to the event on the upper right hand corner of the screen and the lead in show is 1000 Ways To Die.  I just watched someone’s umbrella get taken by the wind and then come back down top first and pierce their spine, how is this not a video game?

– Okay weird dubstep music apparently means it’s starting and they’re playing some weird video.

– The video stated “Me and my TV are going to have a relationship.”  ….Sorry girls.

– They’re doing a history of the xbox… blah blah blah JUST GET TO THE FUCKING CONSOLE!!!

– They decided to call it the “Xbox One.”  I guess the name infinite didn’t cut it.

– The dashboard looks like a video version of Twitter….who cares.

– Xbox One can play TV.  It can switch quickly between the game your playing, TV, Music, etc.  It looks like your game can pause when you go to the dashboard.

– Live NFL Games with fantasy football integration is being shown.

– Head of 343 Studios Bonnie Ross just announced a Halo Live Action TV Show with help from Steven Spielburg.

– You can use Skype on the new xbox.

– Showing off some weird hand motions to control the Dashboard.

– There’s a TV guide on the xbox and you can use voice commands to switch channels.

– I already have cable, show some fucking games.

– 8 Gigs of Ram in the new xbox, theres still more in my laptop.

– They’re talking about the operating system, Kinect, and Smartglass.

– You can record and edit any part of any game with custom editing tools that come with the system.

– Andrew Wilson, an executive with EA Sports is out, he better watch for snipers.

– They have a new sports game engine called Ignite, it’s about time they made a new engine.

– They’re playing a video talking to Football players, UFC Fighters, Soccer players, etc.

-33 minutes in and they’re showing actual game footage, thank god.

– If that’s the actual game footage the sports games look great.  They showed basketball clips so I guess NBA Live is coming back.

-Microsoft Studios guy is out, introduces Forza…. not my cup of tea.

– Official Xbox One specs: 8GB of RAM, an 8-core CPU, 500GB HDD, Blu-ray drive, USB 3.0, and built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi

– They’re showing off Quantum Break by Remedy Studios.

– They’ll be 15 xbox one exclusive games in the first year.  Eight of those will be brand new IP’s.

-Some lady that looks like Murphy Brown is out.

-Head of 343 Studios Bonnie Ross announced a Halo Live Action TV show produced by Steven Spielburg.

– You can watch NFL games on the xbox with fantasy football integration.

– Showing an Infinite Ward video detailing the new COD game entitled: Call of Duty Ghosts.  Boasting a detailed story with rich environments….oh and you get a dog.

– Multiplayer with have dynamic changing maps and complete customized character models.

– The environments look really really detailed….. im impressed.

– you can slide too…

– And just like that it’s over.  They talked a fuck of a lot about the TV bullshit but I guess they are really trying to get even more casual gamers this time.

Overall, they didn’t really show enough game footage for me to get excited about the console.  I remember when the Xbox 360 was first announced and how much better the graphics looked at the time to the original xbox and it got me so pumped to buy the new system.  I could really care less about TV or fantasy football or movies or what’s trending on my xbox, I just want to play fucking games and kick little kids’ asses online.  What game footage I saw looked pretty good but they better show a ton more at this years E3 or I’m holding off on this one when it launches.